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I’ve been thinking about blogging some more and I really didn’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with setting up some blogging software. I’ve even WRITTEN blogging software (See Elephant) before and I didn’t want to deal with it. Either I’m really lazy or the state of software today favors complexity instead of thinking of existing systems in new ways.

I had just left the thoughts, frustrations, and comments well up inside. I’ve lost more ideas than I care to count. So, I had to do something. Then Tom Preston-Werner wrote a post about Blogging Like a Hacker 1. Initially, I was a little confused, but it seemed cool. I threw it off for a time and went about my business. My mind kept coming back to it though. I enjoyed the idea that you could use the filesystem, Git and GitHub (more on that later) in such a way. It seemed so clean, so light, so… perfect.

I’ve got a GitHub account, but most of the stuff I write, is, of course, owned by my employer, ChaCha Search. As such, my GitHub account is very bare. I’ve only thrown one project up there that I didn’t spend more than an hour or so on. Still, I love they way the way that GitHub works and storing my blog in a Git repository (which is by far the most incredible source control on the planet) seemed too cool to pass up.

So here I am. One tiny voice in an ocean of content. I don’t know if this will be useful to any one but it lets me express myself.

1 If you didn’t notice, I used Tom’s templates and CSS to build my own blog here. I plan on changing it, but it helps to stand on someone else’s shoulders.